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"In the animal kingdom, the rule is eat or be eaten; in the human kingdom, define or to be defined." -Thomas sszasz.

The diversity of ideas, skill, and implementation methods gathered together under one label SHRISTI.

Shristi Associates is a Hyderabad based studio practicing architectures, interior and retail design in its modern form. Their span of practice ranges from interior design and small scale projects to large scale structures and master plans.Since1999 Shristi Associates has studied many projects including residences, office building, commercial buildings, education facilities, health structures, theatre refurnishing, hotels, housing complexes and urban design retail projects. Understanding design in as old as human civilization and is an activity which has a considerable tradition, as people were designing art facts, and buildings long before design was institutionalized in education and professions. The term itself emerges on the back of the development where the architect and builder functions came to in two different and separate functions, which created a need for a term that describes the occupation of drawing and planning before building.
Store Location
UGF, Unit No-26A